Jennie + Pedro … Jazzy Wedding … San Diego

Several weeks ago, I helped Mark Brooke shoot Jennie and Pedro’s wedding in San Diego.   I had a blast shooting this wedding.  Pedro was very cool and Jennie was a funny and animated gal.  The weather was perfect (as always in San Diego) and the location was spanish style, so I loved it.  The ceremony and reception were both awesome.  What made my night was the jazz band that performed at the end of the night.  They’re a professional jazz band that plays all over the place, but they don’t do weddings.  They made an exception for this couple since Jennie was a very close relative to several of the band members.  This jazz band rocked the house!  And to top if off…Jennie took the stage and sang a song she composed for Pedro!  This wedding rocked!  Enjoy the pics!…


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