alma | jason … married! … whittier

What made Alma + Jason’s wedding off the hook???  Makeup done in an industrial warehouse.  Hangin’ out and taking portraits in the backstreets of old town Whittier!  A pastor that rapped a lil’ something-something during the ceremony!  The bride and groom reading their vows right from their smartphones!  Cupcakes that melted in your mouth, and not in your hand!  Dancing our lil’ tooshies off to the best DJ we know!  Yup!  That’s what!  Enjoy the pics!  … P.S.  Take a second and check out the fresh sounds of Propaganda (a.k.a. Jason, the groom)!  Legit hip hop with a message!

DJ | Bobbito the Chef …   Makeup | Eye Candy Makeup Studio …   Cupcakes | Cupcake Blake

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