alison | ricky … married! … sedona | arizona

Fact: Arizona is not all desert and cactus… it has beautiful green forests!  Fact: Arizona is not always hot… it snows!  Fact: Sedona is a must-visit-before-you-die-see-with-your-own-eyes-kinda-place!  Fact: Alison and Ricky got married on new year’s day: 1.1.11!  Fact: The wedding day temperature had a high of 32 degrees and a low of 11 degrees!  Fact: Alison is a super trooper; the entire day, she wore the same wedding dress attire a bride would for a Summer wedding! No coat and no thermos! Yup!  Fact: Alison + Ricky = Arickson!  Fact: Arickson are full of awesome with a side of rad!  Fact: Arickson eat bacon with everything!  Enjoy the pics!

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