Foto-Fun-Booth! Ashley’s Birthday Bash! … Montclair

This past week we had the chance to unleash our much awaited party animal project we call our Foto-Fun-Booth!  The setting…a birthday bash thrown by big bro Jason for his lil sis Ashley.  The victims… the birthday gal and her guests… we shot everyone and no one was spared!  We just had a ball doing this for Ashley and Jason and interacting with all their guests!  Why a photo booth you ask?  The photo booth provided them with a creative and fun way to record all of their guests that came.  It also relieved them of going around taking pics and missing out on their own party.  The photo booth adds another fun activity for their guests to participate in.  At the end of the night, they walked away with a load of pics they will be able to share with and look back on.  So next time you’re thinking of throwing a party and inviting your BFF’s, also consider inviting our FFB (foto-fun-booth!)  Enjoy the pics!

ajpb9…                                    The birthday girl…                                                                                                    …with her big broajpb11ajpb12…                                   She can do it! …                                                                                                    …7 headed monster!ajpb10ajpb5…                                                                                                                                                                               Hey! Are they imitating us???ajpb8ajpb4ajpb6… One with the wine                                                                                     …Miguel & Jason provided us with our fav (their facial expressions are classic) !ajpb3ajpb7…                                                                                            The many faces of the boss…ajpb2…                                    us…                                                                                                                        and us again…ajpb1

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