Night Off … Band(s) Shoot! … Highland Park

Last Friday, we wanted to give ourselves a night off from taking photos.  We went down to Juanita’s Restaurant in Highland Park for some live music, live art (yes…live!), drinks, great food, and hangin’ with friends.  Everything was going good until I stepped outside for some air.  The photographer in me noticed the scenery surrounding me and with the music playing within the restaurant…I couldn’t help but put the two together for some great photo opportunities.  So I grabbed my trusty camera equip and pulled a couple of bands outside for a few pics.  It kind of helped that the bands I grabbed were actual friends of mine so they were more willing to put up with my requests.  By the way, the two bands were Profugos (the nicer dressed gentlemen) and Trust A Fox (which you may remember from a previous post).  Oh yeah!  Just thought I would share a crazy moment related to this post.  As I was editing some of the photos in this post, we were watching the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey.  I couldn’t beleive my eyes…there were some scenes in the movie that were shot at Juanita’s Restaurant; the same place where we were hangin’ out and shooting pics outside!!!  I did a double-take and a few pause-and-rewinds.  Crrraaaazzzzzzzy!


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