humble beast … live shows

If you follow us, then you would know that we passionately support our friends at Humble Beast.  For those who aren’t familiar with them, please take this time to click on their link and marinate on who they are and what they’re all about.  And before you leave their site, be sure to download their music.  Oh yeah, it’s free, yes you read right, their music is F.R.E.E.  …you’re welcome!  If you’re lead to, please donate and/or share!

Last month, the entire Humble Beast roster were all in one place all at the same time, the planets practically aligned!  Not only did we get a chance to shoot some live shots and some upcoming promo material, but we also got to break bread with each of these gifted fellas.   Enjoy the pics!

For those photographers wonderin’… the first night was shot with only available light and the 2nd night was shot with both available light and off camera lighting.

1st night…

2nd night…


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