nicholas patrick … 16 weeks … claremont

Little Nicholas is growin’!!!  We met up with the Hurst family last week in Claremont.  This session is the second of four that we’re doing with Nicholas.  Their parents got our First Year package, you might remember we did his first session when he was 4 weeks old.  The little drooler is 16 weeks old now!  We love our baby photo sessions!  Not only do we get to take pictures, but we also get to hang out with our client-friends and catch up with them.  I think our clients love our baby sessions even more than us!  Think about it… Our clients don’t have to deal with sitting fees, waiting in line,  the stress of picking your print package, dealing with tight window time frames, and the pressure for your baby to perform during your short time slot.  Our clients and their baby are more relaxed because they can take breaks (feeding and changing) as many times as they want whenever they want.  They are more comfortable because they choose the outdoor location they want to be in and a location that also identifies who they are, instead of being stuck indoors in a studio where you have your choice from a handful of backdrops to compliment your family.  Our clients have more time to take their pictures, which means more pictures for them, more flexibility, and no stress!  Our clients end up telling us how enjoyable their photo taking experience was and how they never knew taking photos can be so much fun!  Next time you decide to have shots taken of your little one, consider not only the quality and style of the pictures, but the experience of it as well.  Enjoy the pics!  …and the slideshow!  NP05

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