Keeler Family! … Chino Hills

Last week we finally got around to shooting our ol’ friends the Keelers.  Brief history of our friendship…we met at a couples bible study, we became neighbors, became really good friends, had kids together, bought homes and moved apart from eachother.  We see them on a regular basis.  Usually you will find us sitting around our dinner tables playing either Yahtzee (yahtzeeeee!) or dominos (mexican train to be exact…choo-choo!) and eating a bowl of m&m’s and trailmix.  Adam and Dionne are an awesome couple.  Their daughters, Abbie and Emma are soooo adorable… Abbie with her golden locks and Emma with her electric blue eyes.  Shooting their family was like any other fun time with them, this time we just happen to be taking awesome shots of them at a cool location.  Enjoy the pics!


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